Thursday, 12 April 2012

Aberystwyth 5x4

Taken some time in March using Wista 45 field camera and a... 210mm lens (?)
Fuji Pro 160S (expired)  Self processed in Fujihunt 3 bath kit using a mod45 sheet film holder for the first time.
A quick scan using a Epson V700 while I waited to scan them on the flextight scanner which was awaiting repair (transformer killed by a powercut).

I took these while I stayed with Ross and his housemates in Aberystwyth for a few days. I think I only used 4 sheets of film and took about 6 photos on my ETRS (in 4ish days).  I have 6 more sheets of 4x5 film to process after I have handed in my dissertation and sorted my website and all of that crap.

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